Google THIS!!

Sometimes I like to walk outside, look at the sky and smile, just in case Google is getting ready to take a picture.


How cool would that be? Instant fame world wide. Well, that’s if you can get people to look up your address. I guess I could do something really crazy and have it go viral. Yeah, that might just be crazy enough to work!


OK, let me think this through. If I give the world my address, I’m more likely to get a door to door salesperson knocking on my door. That would be very bad. Or, since I’m a comedian, people would come to my door, just to talk. (It’s happened quite a few times)


Worse yet, we could become the victims of a home invasion robbery! Yikes! I didn’t think about that. And, we would be a prime target for every religious zealot there is.


I could put up a no soliciting sign, but that really wouldn’t really work, either. Why? Door to door salespeople will knock on your door anyway, thinking that you put up the sign because you’re an easy target. It’s true. I know people who do it.


Or, they’ll look for alarm company signs because either they’re phony or you bought the system from a door to door salesperson, which makes you an easy target for them.


So, if you installed either or both of these signs, invest in a peep hole, so you can see who’s at your door. Don’t open it if you don’t know the person. I digress.


I really like Google Earth. The only thing I really use it for is to look up my old addresses. Come on, now, I can’t be the only one. Or, if I’m going to move, I can check out the house from the outside instead of wasting our time going to look.


Let’s face it. Most of the properties on the Internet are made to look beautiful. But when you get there, you discover it’s a dump. That’s why we only lease new homes that no one has lived in. We’re not ready to buy, because I don’t like to be tied down to one place. Those of you who know us understand that.


So, here’s to Google Earth and it’s shutterbug satellites. For heavens sake, make sure you get my good side.

See you tomorrow.

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