Why Do I Need Feet???

I think I could do quite well without real feet. Why? I’ve got two toenails that resemble corn nuts, I’m losing the nail on my right big toe and today I woke up with gout. I wonder if insurance would cover that.

My Feet

I know that you might think I’m slighting our heroes that come back injured in battle. I’m not. I couldn’t be more proud of our men and women who are fighting for our country. I served as well, although my knees were wiped out in basic training and I received an honorable medical discharge.


I’m just saying that with prosthetic feet, I could learn to walk again, and there would be no more nails to come off or look pretty gross. I wouldn’t have to feel self conscious wearing sandles or flip flops. People could imagine whatever they want about how I “lost them”.


Years ago, I broke the top of my fibula. It took months to heal and I had to wear a full length brace. They didn’t want to move it at all. This was obviously prior to the barbaric torture of today, where they want you to start walking the day of the surgery. What are they, nuts??


One evening, we went out to dinner with family. The place was packed. I was on crutches and couldn’t move my knee. A gentleman about 50 years old, who had been sitting down, got up and offered me his seat. I politely thanked him and told him, “Thank you, but I’m ok”.


This wonderful man then whispered in my ear, “Son, don’t be ashamed. I lost my leg in the war myself. I insist”! A lot of thoughts went through my mind very quickly. I thanked him and took his seat. Why? Because it dawned on my how he would feel if he thought he was giving up his chair to whom he thought was a wounded soldier. I’m sure it made his night.


When they called our name for dinner, he grabbed me by the arm and said, “I hope this is the best meal you’ve ever had”. Very touching. I felt guilty for a while, until I saw the look of joy on this incredible man’s face. May God richly bless that man.

See you tomorrow.

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