The Ten Thousand Dollar Dog!!!

My wife and I love dogs. I like dogs. And brats. I love brats and ice cold beer.


Heather is a maniac when it comes to real dogs, so she found another dog she just had to have. So we bought the dog. He was a mutt, but gorgeous. However, the mutt ended up costing us thousands of dollars. The first episode, he and Maggie were both innocent looking for. She and Gibbs were sound asleep on my lap and I had to get up.


When the recliner closed, I had no idea that that Gibbs was caught up in the mechanism of the chair. He cried, so I instantly tried to pick him up. He didn’t understand. He just knew that something or someone was hurting him. He bit my my left finger like it was a milk bone dog biscuit.


My finger was ripped open from top to bottom all the way to the bone. It hurt like a mother bear, which is a very weird saying, don’t you think? Anyway, I instantly ran cold water over it, which made it hurt worse. I finally went to the ER and got eight stitches in my pinky!


The nurse said she had never put that many stitches in a pinky before. So, I have a nice long scar to show to my friends. Gibbs wasn’t finished. Heather decided to take Gibbs and Maggie for a run. Gibbs wanted to run, but Maggie didn’t. Maggie is a bolter, so you can’t just leave her unattended.


Heather finally gave up and decided to run back home. As she was running, Gibbs got in front of her, tripping her. She fell hard on the sidewalk and broke her elbow. She had to have surgery, which cost a lot of money.


We made a painful decision to let her go  to a great family who would take great care of him. We got instant response from some wonderful people who I was certain were going to take good care of him. So, I let him go.


I had the guy’s phone number, so I used to text him every few days until I was convinced he was, indeed, in good hands. It’s much better with only the two dogs. They don’t bite and sleep a lot, my kind of dogs. Plus, we now have a fenced yard for them, which is great.

See you tomorrow.

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