Is This Your Dog???

A man drove past a house and noticed a sign in a front yard that read, “Talking dog – Free!!” He immediately asked the owner if the dog was still available. “Yep”, said the man. The motorist had a conversation with the dog and said, “I’ll take him, but I have to ask why you’re letting him go”. The man said, “Simple. I got a divorce because my wife just wouldn’t shut up. He’s worse”.


We recently moved into a new home and we’re thrilled because it’s just perfect for us. Having said that, there always seem to be one or more things that ruin the experience. So, what’s the deal at our house? The neighbor’s dog. It’s a beautiful Jack Russell that will not stop barking.


When I say he won’t shut up, I mean for like seven or more hours during the day or night. It’s crazy, and incredibly annoying. It’s obviously not the dog’s fault. The people leave and leave him alone in the backyard. Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so it stands to reason that the poor thing is going to bark.


In addition, we’ve had the police at our door three times in the last week, wondering if it is our dog that’s causing the problem. I always tell them no, that it’s the neighbor’s dog. The fact that my dogs go crazy when the doorbell rings was not helping my case.


But they are satisfied with my story, but the problem persists! I finally discovered that the owners have been gone for the month, which is why no one answers when I angrily bang on the door, demanding that they do something about the dog barking.


Apparently, their granddaughter was supposed to be house sitting and was obviously shirking her duties, not even thinking about how the dog would impact the rest of us. They’ll be home tomorrow night and they’re going to have an angry mob waiting for them. I’m supplying the torches.


Something tells me that the granddaughter is in big trouble. I know that animal control and the Sheriff’s Department are both issuing citations with the threat of losing their pet altogether. I don’t want to see anyone lose their pet, which is why I never called the authorities in the first place.


The dog has been more quiet yesterday and today, so far, so maybe the granddaughter got the message. We’ll have to see. I wonder how all of the neighbors’ will get along from this point on. It will be interesting, that’s for sure.

See you tomorrow.

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