The Best In The World!!

I went in to see my supervisor once. I said, “Boss, we’re doing some heavy house-cleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife needs me to help with the attic and the garage, moving and hauling stuff.” The supervisor said, “We’re short-handed, Jerry,” I can’t give you the day off.” I said, “Thanks, boss, you’re the best!”


I don’t know what gets into women. You have a relaxing day ahead of you and then – bam! – just like that, it’s over. You can try to get out of it, but if you have the day off, forget your plans because you’re going to be doing something else.


That’s just the way it goes. In my case, it’s different, because Heather knows if she gives me too much, I’ll have a seizure. So, each morning I make her coffee, cook her bacon and eggs for breakfast, prepare her lunch, get her medication ready with a fresh glass of water, get her keys and other necessary items together, then put what I can in the car.


I just think that’s the way it ought to be when one person works outside of the home and the other one doesn’t. The working person should be able to just take their medication, get in the car and go. I also give her coffee to go.


Having worked hard all of my life, it gives me a reason to get up at 7 am and work on some things. Heather feels good about it, too. It makes her feel loved, which also gives me the validation that what I’m doing is worthwhile and appreciated. That’s important to us all.


After she leaves, I write my blog. It’s very quiet in the house, which it makes it very conducive to writing. That’s important, because I love writing the blog. I’ve heard comments such as, you mean you iron? Do you clean, too? Do you do laundry? You make a good house wife. I don’t care. I do what I think needs to be done.


I don’t believe in “women’s work” and “mens” work. I think if you see something that needs to be done, you do it, no matter what it is. My wife will take out the trash sometimes, mow and trim the grass sometimes. This week, she even cleaned out the bottom of the barbecue. She likes doing things like that.


It’s the way the Ritz Carlton works. Everyone is responsible to fix a “defect” If they see one. They don’t call the department that is responsible for the issue, they own it when they see it, as long as it’s something they can physically handle.

See you tomorrow.

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