I Will Do Anything!!

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A student comes to a professor’s office. She said, “I will do anything to pass this exam.” She flips back her hair, and gazes into his eyes. He says, “Anything?” “Yes, she said, anything.” He said, “Are you sure?” She whispered, “Absolutely.” The professor whispered back, “Paint my house.”


One of the things in life I hate the most is someone trying to manipulate me. I’m pretty good at seeing it coming, and I shut it down instantly. A few events come to mind.


I had just taken over a clothing store and each morning I opened with a young lady. There were no uniforms, but there was certainly a dress code. We had to look professional at all times. On my first day, this gal showed up with a tube top and jeans.


We were allowed to wear jeans because we sold them. We certainly didn’t wear tube tops…

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