I Will Do Anything!!

A student comes to a professor’s office. She said, “I will do anything to pass this exam.” She flips back her hair, and gazes into his eyes. He says, “Anything?” “Yes, she said, anything.” He said, “Are you sure?” She whispered, “Absolutely.” The professor whispered back, “Paint my house.”


One of the things in life I hate the most is someone trying to manipulate me. I’m pretty good at seeing it coming, and I shut it down instantly. A few events come to mind.


I had just taken over a clothing store and each morning I opened with a young lady. There were no uniforms, but there was certainly a dress code. We had to look professional at all times. On my first day, this gal showed up with a tube top and jeans.


We were allowed to wear jeans because we sold them. We certainly didn’t wear tube tops. After exchanging pleasantries, she asked me if she could go home early that day. I said, “No.” She was upset and leaned over the counter and in a seductive voice, said “Please?” I said, “Ok, go home now, dress appropriate clothing for work and get back here to finish your shift!”


At a different store, one evening I thought I hadn’t scheduled enough people to close. I asked a girl if she could stay late and cover. She said she could because she didn’t have anything to do that night anyway.


Well, the girl I forgot to write on the schedule after all, and I knew we could use the extra help. I asked the girl who had volunteerd to stay if she could stay anyway. She said she had plans. What a moron. I told her that I knew she didn’t have plans because she already told me that she had nothing to do.


Then she said, “Well, I’ll work tonight if you give me Saturday. Nobody got Saturdays off, unless they were sick or on vacation. I said,” So, let me get this straight. You really have nothing to do tonight, but your trying to manipulate me into giving you Saturday off. She said, “That’s the deal”. I fired her on the spot.


Another time, I was dating a woman and she, my friend Ron and this woman were headed to the military base where we were going to perform. She and I were in the back seat and she told me how excited she was to get up on stage and manipulate a bunch of men again. AGAIN??


Red flags everywhere. I asked her what she meant, but wouldn’t tell me until I bugged the crap out of her. She finally admitted that she had been a stripper and loved it. The only reason she stopped was because her children were born, but she had every intention of getting some enhancements and do it again. Strippers are the ultimate manipulators.

That was it. I was done with her. There are more, She attempted more manipulation techniques, but to no avail.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk my wife into going to the baseball game, in exchange for doing the laundry.

See you tomorrow.

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