The Joke’s On You!!

When I was doing a recent comedy gig, somone handed me a note from a member of the audience. The only word written on the note was “IDIOT”. I showed the note to the audience and said, “There are people who write letters and forget to sign their name, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone sign their name and forget to write the note”.


Stand up comedy is not an easy business and certainly not for the squeamish. It’s the comedian, a microphone, hopefully with a mic stand and a stool. That’s it, just you in front of a group of strangers who paid money to for you make them la



It’s pretty easy now, some 30 years later. But in the beginning, it wasn’t easy at all. I worked for free for three years, just to get stage time to hone my act. Even then, when I ventured out on my own, I was extremely uneasy because nothing was famil



I also found that the audiences were much less forgiving and loved to heckle. My friend and fellow comedian, Keith Stubbs, did shows all over Southern California. He would book the shows and we’d go together and do our best. Talk about the school of hard



On off nights, we would go anywhere we thought we might get stage time. Any stage time experience is good, provided you learn from it. When I was new performing at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, I bombed badly for a while, then started getting the hang of it.


I finally started to learn how to write jokes that would make strangers laugh. Comedian/actor Robert Klein said it best, when he said, “It’s one thing to make friends and family laugh. It is entirely different when you have to make a group of strangers laugh for an hour, tonight.”
This website will take you to the book!

So, what do you do? How do you get started? I became a comedy coach, along with doing a lot of shows. I wrote two “How To” books about comedy which covers what anyone needs to get started and even host a show. The books can be found on, in paperback and Kindle format.


Believe me, this not a way for me to make money. I price my books so that everyone can buy them and take years off of their learning curve and find success much faster than I did. There’s also a couple of books full of funny things that I think about. Look up my name on and you’ll instantly find them.

Not for the timid, but if you’re funny, you can do it!

See you tomorrow.

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