Another Martini, Please!


Drinking alcohol can be fun. It can also be very dangerous, you can either consume too much and get sick, become completely obnoxious, or become very, very clumsy.


I grew up in a house with an alcoholic. If was not fun. He was a mean, abusive drunk, as our mother and we soon  learn. There were many terrible things that happened as I very clever.


It’s normally at home, in the evening when I get in trouble. You see my Martini consists of three ounces of vodka and one ounce of dry vermouth. The four onces of alcohol is a lot for one drink. Last night, and as usual, I drank three of them. Twelve ounces of alcohol within a couple of hours.


That’ll l do it. I went to bed, in a separate room upstairs because I snore very loud and Heather is a very light sleeper. So, I was laying in bed and felt some heart burn. So I sat upright, leaning against the wall.


At some point, the heartburn returned with a vengeance and made my stomach sick. I knew I had to head for the bathroom. I didn’t make it and fell on the treadmill. My wife came it that time. Talk about embarrassing. I tried to get up again, but fell again and getting sick on the floor, only their was blood this time, due to a cut on my knee.


I’m very embarrassed to write this blog because most of them are funny or goofy. Not today. What I’ve allowed is childish and selfish and it has stopped. My commitment to Heather is that I will quit on my own, but if I’m having trouble, I will go see my therapist and join AA.


Well, that’s the truth and I would appreciate any Prayers from you, my faithful readers. Thank you so much!

See you tomorrow.

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