19 Kids and… Stopping!!

My nephew, Braxton was talking to his teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though a whale is a very large mammal, its throat is very small. Brax said, “Jonah was swallowed by a whale.” The teacher didn’t budge, so Brax said, “When I get to heaven I’ll ask Jonah”. The teacher asked, “What if Jonah went to hell?” Brax said, “Then you ask him!”


Aw, kids. You got to love ’em. They are sometimes honest to a fault, at times putting parents in very awkward positions. I think one of the worst is when your kid blurts out something that could have only picked up from the parents and the only response we can muster is, “I don’t know where he heard that!”


But, we all know. Secrets are never safe with a kid. They’ll tell anyone that will listen about what goes on in your house. I used to be a youth pastor, so I know this for a fact. I knew everything that was going on in every family’s house. The awkward part is that they knew it.


Most of it was great stuff. They were wonderful people, for the most part, but there were a few renegade families. No one is perfect, and it’s not up to me to judge, but I did recommend family counseling more than once.


That leads me to the Duggars. It is such a very sad thing for all involved. The only guilty party was Josh, and no one knows what will happen to their marriage or TV show, but there will be consequences, for sure.


My job is to pray for the victims and their families, as well as the Duggars, including Josh. I know there are very strong feelings people have about child molesters. Even so, as a Christian, my job is not to jump in the middle of something and become the judge. I will leave that up to God. I certainly hope the victims have received counseling and are as unaffected as possible.


Will people continue to watch the show, if it survives? I don’t know, I’ve never even watched it. I do know that General Mills has pulled the plug as a sponsor. There are a lot of options. Josh could disappear from the show altogether, especially if divorce is imminent, which I doubt.


It doesn’t seem likely that they would just press on as though nothing has happened. My guess is the show will continue without Josh. But, it’s television, so who knows?

See you tomorrow.

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