The REAL Modern Family!!

“Wait, I just thought of something! I’m going to be the first woman in my family not to get pregnant and drop out of college.” ~ Alex, (Ariel Winter) from “Modern Family”


It’s official. Ariel Winter is finally emancipated and free from the abusive clutches of her mother.


It seems like so many child entertainers have abusive parents. For some, it was like that from the beginning. For others, the parents want to get their greedy hands on their children’s hard earned money.


Julianne Hough, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Patty Duke, Jodie Foster… The list goes on and on. How does the lust for money trump the love of a parent? Because the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, according to the Bible. It certainly rings true in so many cases.


For some reason, parents of these talented kids feel like they are entitled to a share of the money because they raised them. Baloney. I don’t hit my kids up for cash. Mainly cause they don’t have any. Where did I go wrong?


But, if one of them hit the lottery, which they don’t play (please refer to the last question in the previous paragraph), I would never hit them up for a nickel. Pennies, yes, because who collects pennies anymore?


I’m proud of my children and the mates that they have ended up with. My eldest, Sarah, is the wonderful mother of three beautiful children, and a great wife to her husband, Steve, who I am also very proud of. They live in an Atlanta suburb.


Eric, the middle child, is the Pastor of Bailey Presbyterian Church in Bailey, Mississippi. I am also very proud of Lesley  Eric’s wife who is raising four wonderful children. She’s also a good wife and companion to Eric.


Cecilee lives in Bellevue, Washington. She works at Taco Time for her day job, but is also an amazing artist. Amazing. She has two farrets that she adores and she loves stage performance, as we. I’m also very proud of her. If I can ever get up to see her, I might hit her up for a crisp meat burrito and some mexi-fries, but that would be it.


I really wish these famous kids who’s parents are jerks to them would back off and live their own lives. Alma Wahlberg has never asked for anything from her famous kids except that they remain close to the family, which they do. I have a great deal of respect for her and all of her children. They are an awesome family.


Now that the court battle is over, I sincerely hope that Ariel Winter can just focus on her career, happiness, her older sister who has been like a mother to her, and her father, who has always been in her corner. I’m glad she she has a great support system.

See you tomorrow.

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