I Love Your Eyes!

A survey revealed that men say the first thing they notice about a woman is their eyes. In the same survey, women say the first thing they notice about men is they are liars.


Well, that’s a little harsh, but what do you expect a guy to say? We’re already called pigs because of our interest in the female anatomy, so any other answer would have been unacceptable to women.


Wandering eyes have a tendency to turn black, so when Heather and I are out, she’s the only woman I look at. I would like to live another day. At the very least, I’d get the silent treatment, which is like being in “the box” in prison. It is very rude to stare at another woman , that’s for sure.


The only exception would be the freak shows at Walmart. Those are like train wrecks. You can’t look away. It makes me wonder why they just gave up. Seriously, who wears pajamas or clothes that are five sizes too small to the grocery store? I fight the urge to tell them that there is a clothing section in this very store.


Why is it that you never see anyone at Walmart wearing clothes that are too big? It’s always freaky, pajamas or way too small. Kind of fun to watch on most days, but in some cases, you just want to dig out your eyes.


I’m no longer allowed in Walmart for any reason. I’ve had more seizures in there than Iraqi assets. There’s something about those stores. The lighting, crammed merchandise, the crowds and activity, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m staying out of any Walmart.


I’m ok with that. Viewing fewer freak shows is high on my priority list. It’s also why I never look in the mirror.

See you tomorrow.

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