Houston had it’s first serious earthquake on Tuesday. Officials say it was a 4.9 quake and the epicenter was Shaquille O’Neil.


What a fall Shaq took during the half-time show of the Rockets and Clippers game. I can’t remember someone fall that hard since, well, me trying to play most any sport. It happened so quickly, too. He fell faster than Julia Roberts falling for Lyle Lovett. I don’t think she thought that through.


Everyone applauded Shaq for having such a great sense of humor about it, but I say it was his only option. Other than Kobe Bryant, everyone says Shaq is a good guy with a great sense of humor.

Imagine if he was like the incredible David Banner and just went incredible hulk on everything and everyone. It could happen. He’s already hulk size, but they say he rarely gets mad. Thank God.


When you think of people falling down, two names spring to mind immediately. Dick Van Dyke and  Chevy Chase. Van Dyke used to open the show, entering the house. Sometimes he would step around a misplaced ottoman, while other times he would trip over it and take a pretty hard fall.


And Chevy Chase? He’s the king. He’s fallen more than Mike Tyson opponents. Obviously staged for Saturday Night Live, Chase still gave his all with every fall. He continued the tradition in “Christmas Vacation”.


As for me? I give every bit my very best. Mostly, that’s a good thing. Once, however, I was performing with our improv troupe, “Security Risk”. We were doing a segment where after each line, another performer pulls a piece of paper out of a bowl. The audience filled these out prior to the show.


For some reason, Heather, my wife, was on my shoulders and drew a piece of paper which read, “fart”. She did, so I collapsed immediately, which got a big laugh, but I broke a couple of ribs in doing so. I remember the scene ended, thankfully, on that fall and I had to sit out the rest of the show.


Those of you who have broken or cracked ribs know that you can barely breathe until you get a good dose of some pretty powerful pain killers.


I’m just glad that Shaq wasn’t hurt when he fell and there were no reports of injuries following the quake. After shocks are expected to continue for some time.

See you tomorrow.

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