May The Forth Be With You!

Darth Vader might not be the movies’ most sympathetic character, but spare a thought for the poor guy today – he can’t enjoy Popeye’s fried chicken with that helmet on.


Today, every Star Wars fan will be dressed in their favorite Star Wars costume, probably speaking Klingon. I have nothing against this sort of behavior, because it gives people something to look forward to each year.


The only thing is, I don’t want food service workers dressed up like that. It reminds me too much of the cantina scene and if you take a close look, the food doesn’t look very appealing.

The only difference between today and Halloween is that there is no candy involved. There might be more crime tonight, due to the disguises, so be forewarned about the increase in crime. It might even be a midget in a Yoda costume.


More than likely, they’ll be drunk. I know I might have a sip or two before hitting the streets with a ridiculous costume. I think banks and credit unions should be especially careful today. Make every customer in costume remove their helmet covering their face before serving them.


I think if I was going to dress up like a star wars costume, it would be Chewbacca. Sure, I’d have to wear stilts to be tall enough and I could have a recording of his noises I could play in an instant. That would be cool, but very hot.


I dunno. Maybe I’ll just skip the whole thing and go back to bed. Yeah, that sounds like a great plan. See you tomorrow during Cinco De Mayo!

See you tomorrow.

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