Killed By A Golf ball!!

A guy hit great shot down the fairway. Too good. There were two guys ahead of them on the same fairway. The guy yelled “Fore”!! It didn’t matter. The ball nailed one of the two gentleman right in the head and dropped him. He was an attorney, and said, “I’m gonna sue you for five million dollars”! The other guy yelled, “I said Fore”! The attorney said, “I’ll take it!”


I think it’s interesting how that game is played. Not golf, but the game of negotiation. I think all of my siblings are really quite good at it. I’ve only had to do it in job interviews, but that’s child play. I don’t have the patience. I know I would blow up at some point and send the process back to the beginning.


The art of negotiation starts when we’re kids, I think. When I was a kid, we played marbles a lot. I was pretty good at it, but there always seemed to be a kid who could talk one of the other kids into a very one sided trade.


So I was thinking, what if we could negotiate at the supermarket? We do it at flea markets, electronics stores, yard sales and car lots all the time, so I think it would make grocery shopping a lot more fun.


“You want two dollars for this coconut”? “Yeah, that’s what the price tag says”. “I’ll give you a dollar for it”. “A dollar?? C’mon man, you’re killing me. I’m losing my shirt at a dollar”! “A dollar fifty. Thats the best I can do”. “Done”, says the clerk.


How cool would that be? No more coupons, you just battle it out with clerks and cashiers. So, the cashier rings everything up and gives you the total and you instantly object. “That can’t be right”. And the game is on. I would actually love to go to the grocery store under those conditions.


Free trade. It’s beautiful. It would work at the gas station, too. I have a friend who went on a road trip recently and saw gas prices of $2.19, $2.15, etc. Meanwhile, it’s back up to $2.75 here. Ridiculous. Obviously, there’s some wiggle room there. Let the negotiations begin.


People negotiate on real estate everyday, but not on rentals. The price is the price. The management company will just not negotiate, unless it’s a home needing repair and you offer to do the work yourself in exchange for a lower monthly rent.


In most cases, though, the firm already has repair crews to do the work. The best negotiation is the length of the lease. You have to feel out the organization to see if they’re looking for long term tenants, or if they are only willing to offer a one year lease so they can raise the rent each year.


I also think you should be able to negotiate fairly with your wife… What am I saying? It can’t be done.

See you tomorrow.

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