Osama Bin Dead

The CIA says bin Laden’s last words were, “Are you guys here about the dishwasher”?


It’s tough to find guys to work on appliances in the middle of the dessert. Even if they do show up, you’d have to whack ’em because they now know where you are. You could try to recruit them, but what does an appliance guy know about terrorism?

For that matter, what does a terrorist know about fixing appliances? It’s a dilemma. Can you imagine the conversation with regard to who gets the service call? They know it’s over. Done. Time to make peace with your maker. You can just hear the boss telling the unlucky guy, “Just think of the virgins”.


Instead of the Navy Seals, we should have sent the Maytag Man. Talk about unsuspecting. They could have just killed him by sending the bill. I’m sure it’s worked before in this country.

Just the mileage charge alone would probably have been enough to do him in. And then letting him know that the parts would arrive in three months, maybe? What do you expect in a cave? I would think he would have been grateful, but no. He probably would have beheaded the guy, only to prolong the arrival of the part and there’s no way he would get someone to go do the repair.


Osama bin Laden was an idiot, who turned into shark feed. I hope they had a delicious meal from the meat on his bones, but I doubt it, because everything about this guy was toxic. I’m sure he thought he was doing the right thing, but when he met God, I’m sure he found something different.


Those of you who claim to be atheists, think there were no consequences for a guy like bin Laden. You have to, otherwise, it shakes your faith in atheism. You can do whatever you want, without consequence. Seriously? I think there is a special place in hell for people like him. Maybe he can burn next to Hitler.


Sorry, I don’t like getting this deep, but the anniversary of this terrorist’s death just brings out the worst in me. What a horrible man and may he rot in hell.

See you tomorrow.

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