I Have What??

A doctor ran some tests on a guy who wasn’t feeling well. The doctor told the guy, “Wow, I’ve never seen a case like this”. The patient asked, “What do I have”? The doc said,” Believe it or not, you have every disease I’ve ever heard of “. The guy said,” Well what can you do”? He said, “We’re going to admit you.” “Then what”, asked the man. “We’ll feed you nothing but pizza”. “Really? Pizza will cure me”? “No” said the doctor, “but it’s the only thing that will fit under the door”.


I can’t imagine being quarantined. What would you do to pass the time? Wait a minute, I am sort of quarantined. Unless a friend comes over, I am stuck in the house. It’s a very nice house, thank God, otherwise, I would go stir crazy. (another weird phrase)

I write this blog every day, which I love, and write books. That gives me a sense of accomplishment, which I think everyone needs. It helps shut ins keep from getting depressed. A very dark and dangerous place. It’s just me and the puppies, to whom I am very thankful.


Moving into our new house has helped a lot. I’m putting things away, a little each day, and we’re almost finished. I also silently supervised the installation of the sod. The landscapers had no idea, of course, and they did a great job, which I naturally attribute to my telepathic ability.


At one point yesterday, I went out to see if they wanted some water or something. The man in charge turned it down and said they had some Gatorade. Then he told me to stay off of the grass for a couple of weeks. I asked him about our toy schnauzers. He said that was fine as long as we didn’t have heavier people on it. I told him I understood, but I probably would not explain it to my wife that way.

The guy had no sense of humor and said, “Well I guess I should just tell you”. His guys were laughing at my joke and I don’t think he liked that, but who cares? We now have grass!


It’s important to live in the moment. In fact, if you’re sort of a shut in, it’s imperative. Otherwise, you start thinking about harming yourself and your chemistry really becomes unbalanced.


I know some people enjoy their own company more than being with others, and they seem to do well. Others wind up like Ted Kaminski, the wacked out uni bomber. If you find yourself in a situation where life is dark and you are very unhappy, pick up the phone and call your doctor or go straight to the emergency room. I’ve been there, so I know.


See you tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “I Have What??

  1. Enjoyed Jerry. You are every bit the nut I worked with almost 30 years ago (yeah, when you were going on and on about horizontal resolution while never spilling the coffee) I will click more regulalry from now on. God bless or whoever you follow…Daron


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