Organic poison??

My wife asked me to pick up some organic vegetables. At the store, I searched all over for organic vegetables. I asked the produce clerk where they were. He said he didn’t know. I said, “These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with poisonous chemicals?” The produce guy said, “No, sir, you will have to do that yourself.”


I’m always leary of organic vegetables in a mainstream grocery store. I just don’t trust what they deem organic. It’s the same with gluten-free products. Just because it says it has no gluten in it and although that might be true, most of the supermarket gluten free products are really not.


Why? Because to be truly gluten free, the product must be produced in a sterile environment so there is no chance of foods containing gluten can contaminate the products. I think it’s safe to say that most supermarket items do not meet that criteria.


It’s the same with a shellfish allergy. I have it and have been told by my doctor not to dine in any restaurant that even serves any kind of shellfish. Airborne particles can put me into antiphelact shock and would most likely kill me.


So, I’m very careful. Anyone with celiac disease should take the same precaution. You can become very sick eating these products. Much better to go to your health food store and pay a little more to be safe.


Gluten free products have a reputation for having little or no flavor. My friend, the late John Pinette was on “The View” once and started talking about gluten. He said, “I don’t know what gluten is, but it must be delicious.” Very funny stuff.


Great strides are being made to improve gluten free products. For now, it’s the health food store. Just like organic vegetables. The only way you can really be sure they are 100% organic is to grow them yourselves. Organic foods that are grown on farms are still sprayed with some chemicals in order to kill the bugs that eat them.

See you tomorrow.

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