You Can’t Kill!!

When I was a boy, my Sunday school teacher was telling us about the Ten Commandments. She explained the commandment to “honor thy father and thy mother.” Then she asked, “Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters? I said, “Thou shall not kill.”


Sibling rivalry can either be good or bad, depending on the level of the feeling. Most anyone who has had a sibling knows what I’m talking about. It started when Cain killed Abel in the Bible. That was kind of extreme, but being the first example sort of set the stage.


My siblings and I always got along, like normal kids. There were five of us, four boys and one girl. My poor Sister, Joanna, endured our torment almost daily. Poor thing. But, she is one tough cookie, to this very day.


My brothers and I were insane, and I mean it. While I’m the only one who has been in a psych ward, my brothers could have very well ended up there too. John, the eldest, broke every rule in the book. We had a swimming pool and he and his friend, Steve, used to come home and go skinny dipping, a lot.

Against the rules, but the only one who caught them was my sister, something that I’m pretty sure she regrets to this very day. We were typical rowdy boys, who would get in some physical altercations on occasion. Once, my sister tried to break up one of the fights, took one on the jaw and dropped like a rock.


We all learned two things from that experience. 1) She should never try to break up one of our fights and 2) She should never try to break up our fights. Luckily, she was OK. She had to eat liquid meals through a straw for a while, but other than that, no major injuries.


We were split into teams to do the dishes, except for Fred, the youngest of the brood. The first attempt was to team me up with the eldest, John, but we were both kind of crazy and liked to have fun. The dishes were done, but it took forever and there was always a mess to clean up.


Joanna and another brother, Jim, were actually a great team. They just went straight to work and got the job done. But we were switched because of the inefficiency of John and I as a team. I worked pretty well for John and Jim, but my poor sister didn’t like my methods, perfectly designed to have her do all of the work while I goofed around.

One day she became really angry with me and the look in her eyes was scary. I immediately ran outside, where I knew a spanking was going to be her end game. Somehow, when she got me in her clutches, I flipped her over my back and she landed on some bricks and got a nasty scar on her leg as a result.


She didn’t throw me under the bus on that one because there would be a beating for sure. She was sweet then and is still a very sweet woman. I love her dearly.


Fred and I were the best friends for most of our lives, but due to some shenanigans I pulled, not so much anymore. Jim, Joanna and I remain very close. As for John, he has managed to alienate all of us, which is ok by me because, although he is a wonderful Dad, he has disrespected all of the rest of us, so we don’t talk. Shame.

Hopefully, that will change, at some point. In the meantime, it is what it is and it’s nothing I’m going to sweat over.
See you tomorrow.

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