Yer Out! Um, Ok, Safe!!

When Bill Clinton was still president, he took Hilary to a baseball game. A home team executive whispered something in Bill’s ear. Bill grabbed Hilary and threw her out on the field. The executive said, No, Mr. President, I asked you to throw the first “pitch“.


Baseball season is now in full swing! I love it! And, both of my favorite teams won their openers, the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers! Very exciting. My brothers’ teams also won.


I’m excited about this season. The Giants have won the series three out of the last five years. The only problem is kinda like my marriages. They’re only successful every other year. They were champions in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Being an odd year, we’ll see.

In 2012, both of my favorite teams battled it out for the championship. I was torn, but figured there was no way I could lose. I just hope it’s a good, fun season.


But that’s really not what I want to write about. The new “under review” system stinks. The concept is good, in that bad calls from the umpire won’t cost a team a win. Sometimes a huge win. The problem is it’s way too slow, in a game that is already slow without it.


My grandmother could make the calls faster, and she passed away decades ago. I’m joking, of course. She was not a baseball fan. Or how about hiring a psychic? One call, a peek into a crystal ball – bam! The call is made.


The baffling part to me is that, if it’s a close call, whether the manager asks for a review or not, they should have already started the review process. That would save a lot of time. It just can’t take as long as in football.


For example, if it’s a close play at second base, the review staff should already have looked at it from from several angles to see if the ball got to the first baseman’s glove before the runner touched the bag. Did the ball hit the fence above the yellow line? Home run. Easy call.


It seems to me that the umpire crew chief is talking about personal things, like, “So, how was the vacation?” “How are things at home?” “Are you still wearing women’s clothes?”


Maybe the review team should consist of a group of women. They are very good at telling men what to do. They’d have it figured out in a heartbeat. I think that might be the right move. They could begin with my wife. She really doesn’t even have to think about it. She just tells me what to do and I do. Simple. Something to think about.

See you tomorrow.

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