Where am I Going??

I think it would be funny if Kanye’s daughter, North West, ended up marrying Jay North’s son. North West North. I like it.


It really doesn’t surprise me that celebrities often give very strange names to there children. Let’s not forget that most of them were the outcast drama geeks in high school. Now they’re celebrated people to whom we want to be close.


Somehow, becoming close to a celebrity makes us feel special. I’ve been around plenty of them and believe me, many behave just like you and me, while others seem to be living on another planet.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Nathan Lane had a child and named him/her Fast? Or maybe Halle Berry had a child and named it Huckle?


I think it would be funny. I once opened for Michael Winslow, who became famous portraying the police officer who made all of the cool sound effects in the “Police Academy” films.


The guy is not funny at all, but he can sure sound like a garbage truck. The problem with that show was that he was trying to tell jokes in between sound effects. It was a train wreck.


In my opinion, the guy is just weird. During my set, as the opener, I was doing quite well. Then some woman started heckling me. Ok, NOBODY heckles at a big event like that.


The spotlight was very bright, so I couldn’t see anything from the stage. The secret is, you never let the audience know that. You just do your act. In this case, however, I blocked the light with my hand to see who it was. It was Winslow’s wife! I know! I announced who the heckler was and kept going with my act. I guess I was doing a little too well and she was afraid Michael was going to bomb.


Also, when I finished, they announced Winslow, but he didn’t come out. I set out to find him. I went into his dressing room and he was sitting on the floor in some sort of trance. I tried to talk to him, but got no response. I touched him on his shoulder and he became irate. He said “Man, don’t ever touch me while I’m meditating!” I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought you’d like to know that you were introduced five minutes ago”.


He ran to the stage and tried to tell some jokes. One of them was “I just bought a clowndominium, which means only a clown would buy it, and I did.” Yeah, it went over like a fart in church.

Once he got into the sound effects, people really got into it. He pleased the crowd when he stopped the jokes and sounded like a lawn mower.


He is, without a doubt, the most strange celebrity I have ever most are pretty much normal people, although some, like Pauly Shore are a bit taken by themselves. Those are the toughest people to deal with.


My point is that being around celebrities doesn’t enhance my life in any way. That’s why I’ve only had my picture taken with one guy, and that was Billy Crystal. I was just so impressed with how unimpressed about who he was, I was really kind of blown away.

See you tomorrow.

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