Happy Easter!!

So, Easter commemorates when Jesus hid eggs for the disciples to find, and then he turned all the rabbits into chocolate, right?


Easter means something very special to traditional Christians, Jews and others of different beliefs. It is a big celebration for most Americans, celebrated by a variety of foods and customs.


Most celebrate the Easter holiday by hunting decorated eggs, brought by a giant rabbit. A rabbit? How does a rabbit relate to eggs? How about a giant chicken? That makes more sense if you celebrate that way.

For Christians, it represents the day that The Christ rose from the grave, presenting an empty tomb. This is what most of my family celebrate. For Jews, it is tied to Passover, an event outlined in the old testament of the Bible.


We all know that eggs come from eggplants, but really? A giant rabbit? I know the rabbit is tied to a pagan belief from way back, but still…


My wife, children, grandchildren and some siblings will celebrate the risen Christ, but however you choose to celebrate, have a great day with your loved ones.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my eggplant.

See you tomorrow.

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