Today is Tuesday. No, it’s Friday. What Day is it??

My grandparents and another couple get together often. One day, the other guy started talking about a great restaurant they went to. Gramps said, “Really? What’s it called?” The guy couldn’t remember. He asked, “What are those good smelling flowers called again?” “Do you mean a rose?”, Gramps asked. “Yes that’s it,” he said. The guy looked at his wife said, “Rose, what’s that restaurant we went to the other night?”


I went to a restaurant in Beverly Hills called “The Stinking Rose”. No joke. It was a fine dining restaurant where every dish was prepared with lots of garlic. Everything. They even offered garlic ice cream.


Fortunately, I love garlic. The one thing I didn’t count on was reeking of garlic for days after. When you eat too much garlic, I think the body tries to get rid of the excess through the pores in your skin. It was a date and I got a nasty call from the woman, who was very upset about her garlic fragrance.


She even had to leave her job for a few days until the smell was gone. Obviously, there was not a second date. I think she thought I was nuts, and she was probably correct. Who takes a date to a joint that will make her stink for days? Me.


I love garlic bread, as most of us do. Normally I get garlic cheesy bread, but there’s one place called “Tony’s Pizza”, that has the best garlic bread around with no cheese. It is awesome.


Lately, we’ve been getting pizza at Papa Murphys. For my foreign friends, it’s a place where you order pizza and bake the pies at home. The only problem with that place is they have kids running the place. That always spells trouble.


The last two times we went there, I called ahead of time and paid for them prior to pick up. When I went in to pick them up, the very young girl had no idea where the pizzas were. Not only that, she told me that I hadn’t paid for them. She insisted that I pay again and they would make my pizzas then.


I asked for the person in charge and along came a kid who looked like the before picture for an acne commercial. I explained the issue and he walked over to the completed pizzas and got them for me.


The next time, I did the same thing with the same result. The same girl told me the same story. No order. Needed to pay again. She was looking at me like Stevie Wonder being asked to play tennis. Finally, I asked for the person in charge and, again, he got our pies out quickly.


I think I’m through with this place. No adults to be found anywhere. Young kids were running the business and apparently decided not to train the poor cashier, who was clearly confused about how to complete a transaction.

See you tomorrow.

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