A Stupid Thing To Do!!

My cousin Bob found a tennis
ball, and slipped it in the pocket of his shorts. Later, he stopped at a crosswalk. A girl standing next to him noticed bulge in his pocket. “What’s that?” she asked, “Tennis ball,” He said.
“Oh, that must be painful…. I
had tennis elbow once.”


My wife and I are going to play tennis today. When we were first married, she knew nothing about the game. She knew a lot about football and basketball, but nothing about tennis.


Now, even with an artificial hip, she beats me every game and match. I really don’t care about losing to her  but she gets all cocky, like she’s John McEnroe. It’s annoying. Then I hear about it until we play again.


Most couples can’t teach each other games or about a sport they are unfamiliar with. Why? Because they’re married. For some reason, spouses don’t like to learn things from each other. Heather and I are not like that.


For example, she’s better than I am at saving money. One of the reasons is that I have trouble saying no to whatever she wants, so when I was making a lot of money, it seemed like we were always broke.


At my request, I get a $50 allowance each month. I never really go anywhere, so I usually save it until I want something from Amazon. Then it’s kind of fun and I need no permission to buy the item. That’s the rule that we made. If we want to buy something and it’s more than $20 bucks, we need to alert the other to get the ok.


At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. We ended up compromising. She spends what she wants and I still submit for approval. She never goes overboard, so I’m ok with it. In fact, it’s helpful because she then feels a little obligated to say yes next time.


Does that mean that I’m whipped? Absolutely! I do what I’m asked to do; it makes life so much easier. In fact, it’s the best ingredient in a happy marriage. If your partner is happy, life is just so much better. Keeping her that way is a completely different story.

I’ll let you know how bad I lose at tennis today.

See you tomorrow.

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