Pass The Loot!!

I wish there were mind maids. She could organize my thoughts and get rid of the clutter.


An organized brain is dangerous, and I want to be dangerous. I want to walk down the street and have people say, “Wow, that’s one brilliant dude.” up until now, I’m recognized as an imbecile. I guess that’s ok. Most of us are imbeciles. I’ve accepted it.


I went to Bible College and wound up in showbiz. How the heck did that happen? Talk about two different career paths. It’s no wonder that my parents didn’t ask me to come for Sunday dinner for a long time. They were, no doubt, afraid.


I’m still a liscenced minister, and no, not off of the Internet. It’s legit. I used to travel around and fill empty pulpits until the pastor came back. I was offered a couple of pastor jobs, but I knew I wouldn’t have the patience for it. I would probably end up killing someone and that’s not a good thing for a minister to behave.


I was more of an evangelist. I never tried to get on television, because I don’t trust those people. There’s too much money involved. When there are millions coming in, corruption is not far behind. Those people wind up under scrutiny, but people still send their money.


After all, television preachers need state of the art jets and multi-million dollar homes. How could they expect to do their job otherwise? Even beloved TV preachers like Joy Meyer (gasp) is under scrutiny because she has hired immediate family members and she pays them very well for what they do.


Joel Osteen just bought a ten million dollar home. Seriously? Do they realize that Jesus was homeless? When I was preaching, I never had any idea if or how much I was getting paid. I couldn’t care less. I would look at the check when it was time to deposit it. It was normally between $100 – $150, but I never asked for money and didn’t care if I got any.


We can never forget Jim and Tammy Baker. A $25,000 dog house, complete with air conditioning? Are you kidding me?? Jim Baker paid dearly for mishandling funds. He spent time with fellow inmates at a Federal facility and had to make restitution for what the money that was misused. Tammy divorced him and later passed away from cancer.


Let me be the first to say that I am also guilty. Not of the same things, but I sin daily. I don’t deserve the nice things we do have. God has blessed us, even though we make half of what we used to. I’m rotten to the core. The only good thing about me is that I love Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I’m forgiven daily, too.


One guy I really respected was Chuck Smith. He started Calvary Chapel on a shoestring budget, worked full time for 17 years while building the church and even then always took a moderate salary. He never once asked for money.


Smith had books to sell, but just like the money collected, it all went back to the church and was used to open more Calvary Chapels. He even tithed 30 of what he earned back to the church. He also never moved out of his modest neighborhood. Refreshing.


The IRS investigated Billy Graham once because he was worth seven million dollars. When they finished with their investigation, however, they discovered that it was an inheritance, not money he made from ministry.

I think the moral is that we should always forgive, but never forget. Check out any charitable organization prior to sending your money. Never forget that your local church most likely needs the money the most.


Now, if you’ll forgive me, I must send some money to Creflo  Dollar, because he apparently needs a $65,000,000 jet.


And finally, my son, Eric. He is a pastor of a small church in Bailey, Mississippi. He barely makes enough to provide for his family and is very happy. I’m very proud of him.

See you tomorrow.

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