Super Bowl!

A friend won a ticket to the Super Bowl. It was in a terrible seat. He saw an empty seat at the 50 yard line and took it. The guy sitting next to him said this was the first Super Bowl that his wife missed since 1968. My buddy asked why he didn’t give the ticket to a family member. The guy said, “They’re at her funeral.”


Ok, new twist on an old golf joke. My point is, I think we put too much emphasis on sports. I would much rather spend time with my wife than watch the basketball finals or the sweet 16.


The same goes for golf tournaments, hockey, or soccer matches. I just can’t imagine missing the time I can spend with her to watch golf, even if it’s the Masters. I think we need to have priorities straight.


Ok, so I hate basketball and golf. I don’t know enough about soccer or hockey to follow along. But if it’s an NFL game, or a Major League Playoff game, all bets are off! I love those games. So, how do I get away with watching football and baseball? I remind her of the sacrifices I made with basketball, golf, hockey and golf.


So far, it has worked perfectly. Its a good thing she doesn’t read my blog or I’d be watching nothing but Lifetime movies from now on. Or “The View”. Ahhhhhhhh! “The View”, “The Talk” and “Lifetime”? I would never make it. At least Barbara Walters had the sense to give Rosie O’Donnell the boot for the second time.


It reminds me of George Steinbrenner firing and hiring Billy Martin. If you are a baseball fan, you’ll understand. What people who think baseball is boring, there is plenty of drama in the games. If a pitcher hits a batter with the pics, there is often a bench clearing brawl.


The drama comes in the next half inning when the opposing pitcher MUST retaliate by either nailing one of the other team’s players or throw it behind the batters, etc. The umpires will warn both teams that if they do it again, there will be some players and managers ejected from the game.


Now that’s, drama. Or how about an NFL player intentionally bumping into a referee? Immediate ejection and a substantial fine and suspension from the league. That’s drama. All I’m saying is that you don’t have to watch “Lifetime” to bring drama to your day.


See you tomorrow.

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