The Results Are In!!

I’m glad I’m not a politician. I’m scared to think about what my approval rating would be.


I don’t think I could handle being scrutinized in newspapers, magazines, television and radio all of the time. Every time I made a decision, Donald Trump, those ladies from the view and Brian Williams would all be critical, except Williams quotes would be questionable at best.


The late night talk shows would have a blast! Being a comedian, I could get away with things our regular presidents can’t do. Like I could call Putin and tell him the missiles were launched and on their way. That would be funny. Before he could retaliate, I would tell him that I was only joking.


Instead of the State of the Union, I could do a comedy special for all of the networks. That would be a breath of fresh air. Then all of the network guys and gals could rip into and assess my performance.


I could get away without being PC, because I’m a comedian. Kings used to have jesters, so why not have a jester for president? I could say things like “Gas prices will continue to drop to under a dollar. Then just add three bucks for taxes.” The pres gets applause breaks when are not sincere. This time it would be serious applause.


During press conferences, when he calls on a reporter, he could poke fun. A regular president couldn’t do that, but a comedian could. “Nice dress, who shot the couch?” Hilarious. “Great looking toupee, is it beaver?”


See? Everyone already knows the State of the Union anyway, so why bother. Use power point and you could throw in some great slides, like the people of Wal-Mart. He could say, “Now this is something we need to fix.” it would bring the house (and the senate) down.


So just think of possibilities. Debates would be funny, name Air Force One, “The Sky Office”.


I’m Jerry Mabbott, and I’d appreciate your vote.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry


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