Oh my God, its a Trembler!!

I think if I lived in California, and an earthquake hit, I would punch someone. It would take your mind off of the quake and then you can just say you lost your balance.


I have tremor phobia. I think that’s a good thing. In fact, I have phobias of most harmful things. I have weird allergies, too. Like one bite by a lion would most likely kill me. No epi-pen in the world would help me. Call me a lion hater, which I’m not, but that seems to be the word of the year.


My hands tremble, so many days it is difficult to write this blog. But, it’s therapeutic. A release of some sort. I take medicine for it, which helps most of the time.


Having tremors really limits occupational choices. For instance, I could never be a surgeon, work on circuit boards, create jewelry.. So many. I’ll tell you what, though. I’d be a great gynecologist.


People who know me stand clear if I have any hot beverage in my hand. Heat seems to make the tremors worse and if I start to shake, that hot liquid is going everywhere. No one is safe.


Hey, maybe I could make milk shakes at McDonalds! They wouldn’t even need a machine! Or how about a paint mixer at Home Depot? I couldn’t be a hair stylist unless everyone wanted to be bald. Most women don’t like that.


I’ll figure something out.
See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry

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