Shih What??

We went to the zoo yesterday. What a let down. It was in a trailer park and they had only one animal. A shitzu. Rip off.


I know that zoos are struggling right now, but come on! One shitzu in a trailer park?


Who goes to the zoo anymore? Zoos around the country are having a difficult time staying in business because it has become politically incorrect to frequent a business that keeps animals locked in a cage.


Outside of cruelty to the animals, I find that notion a little hypocritical. How many of us who complain about keeping animals penned in have dogs, cats or other pets where we do the very same thing?


We have to keep our toy schnauzers on tethers when they go outside because we have no fenced yard. Even if we did, they would still be stuck in a cage, right? Don’t get me wrong. This, in my view, is different than being cruel to animals by mistreating them.


I think we all learned valuable lessons from The Planet of the Apes movies. If we let them loose now, they might be too angry and colonize. That would not be good, because there’s always one evil creature who destroys the possibility of peace.


To be honest, I would probably shy away from sitting down to negotiate with a hungry tiger. Heck, I don’t even want to be near an angry bird. Everyone knows what angry birds can do.


So, possible solutions? Put the more dangerous animals in the courtyards of the prisons that hold our most hard core criminals and let those folks take their chances.

Something tells me those criminals would opt for solitary confinement. You can’t just release the animals back in the wild. They would starve to death or become easy prey for predators. Maybe the wild life sanctuaries are the answer. No cages, unless you consider the fences around the sanctuary a cage.


I don’t know the answer. All I know for sure is that the next time I visit a zoo, it better not be in a trailer park with one shitzu!

See you tomorrow.

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