I Was Shot Down Asking for a Date!!

Brian Williams is a very funny guy. So he lied about getting shot down in a helicopter. Haven’t we all? I certainly was. I joined the Army when I was 12. To fight in Vietnam. Obviously, I had to lie about my age.


The lies continued from there. “What are you, 12??? The drill sergeant would scream. I didn’t answer for fear they might find out. I just did what I was told, using Forrest Gump as a role model, which was weird because the movie came out years later.


They sent me to tech school first, because I didn’t want to be on the front lines. I learned how to repair communication devices and satellite equipment, vital for those who were fighting the battle.


I was finally deployed to Vietnam, where I was constantly repairing the communication devices and became the right hand man to the C0, as we call the officer in charge. I also requisition items. Some needed, some just for fun.


Wait a minute, that was Radar O’Reilly, from M.A.S.H. And they were in Korea. I guess I have the same problem is Brian Williams, although this is the first time I told the story to anyone. No one can suspend me for six months, because I’m a Comedian.


I think Williams should become a Comedian, too. If you’ve ever watched him on Letterman, you know he’s funny. He should have plenty of material. I’ll bet he could play the “A” clubs. Forget the news business, Brian, break into the comedy biz!


See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry


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