Yikes! I Got it Wrong!!

This morning I wished my wife a happy anniversary. She reminded me that it is tomorrow. We’ll have a happy anniversary tomorrow, but now I’m not so sure about today.


Its never a good thing to miss your anniversary. I think its better to err on the date before, rather than after. There‚Äôs no recovering from after. You can claim amnesia, but I’m pretty sure she would see that one. Nope, afterward your goose is cooked


And not just this year. We men have a tendency to forgive and forget. It doesn’t work that way for the ladies. They forgive almost anything short of having an affair, but she’ll never forget. Ever.



They hold on to it to use it as a trump card during many future disagreements. You’ll regret it, one way or another, and you can take that to the bank.


At least I was a day early. I can always claim excitement for the celebration, which I can probably get away with because I’m kind of a sentimental kind of guy. The other thing is, she’s also a comedian so she’ll find a way to work it in to her act. I’m sure of it.


I usually go on stage after she does, but there is no defense that is acceptable. I even poke fun at guys in the audience who don’t know how long they’ve been married, dating, etc. So, I won’t even try to defend myself. Its the safest way to go.


Isn’t it strange that my wife weighs in at about a buck fifteen and I weigh about 225 and yet I’m terrified of her? I think its that way in most marriages. Just “that look” sends chills down my spine. She hates getting flowers and I don’t drive, so I’ll cook dinner and do lots of nice things for her, knowing there will be no shelf life for my good deeds.


Its just the only way I can try to get back on her good side. Then I let her vent about whatever she wants and I just listen, offering no opinion or suggestions. Women seem to like that. It will take a few days, but she’ll forgive. But she’ll catalog my screw up for use at another time.


Its not her fault. It’s just what ladies do.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry

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