Super Bowl Pool!!

At our Super Bowl party yesterday, we had a pool to see who could get the closest score and the winning team. I picked the Rams to win by three and still didn’t win the pool. Just as well, I guess. I don’t swim.


The MVP of last night’s game should have been Pete Carroll. He called the most ridiculous play in the history of the world. Yes, I know the Patriots were looking for the run, but still, you have the most powerful runner in the league, you’re only one yard away from victory, with very little time on the clock.


Of course, Wilson tried his best to squeeze a slant pass past a Patriot defender who intercepts the pass. Game over. If I were Pete Carroll, I would feel like the biggest knucklehead ever! It was the worst weapon decision since the would be assassin decided to use a knife to kill Indiana Jones. After the theatrics, an amused Jones simply pulled his gun and shot the guy.


Never take a knife to a gunfight. In yesterday’s case, the gun was Marshawn Lynch. The knife? Russell Wilson. Everyone is taking credit for the horrible call. Carroll, Wilson and Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell each thought it was their fault. I disagree. It wasn’t Wilson’s fault.


It was a goal line slant with must be executed without even thinking. It was just a great defensive play, with the gun still holstered. Did the Patriots win, or did Seattle lose? Hats off to the Patriots, but in my mind, they didn’t win, Seattle lost.


And who is honestly to blame? Pete Carroll. His thoughts were that since the Patriots were in a goal line run formation. But that being the case, why throw into traffic? Why not roll out right and see if you can find a receiver free in the end zone. If nobody’s open, Wilson could have thrown it away. Then pull the gun.


It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback, which is clearly what I’m doing. What do I know? If the pass had worked, Carroll would have sat on his players shoulders as they paraded around the field. But, it didn’t work out that way.

See you tomorrow.

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