The Bachelor!

I think it would be funny if the girls on the bachelor had to take polygraphs with the bachelor in the room. It would certainly speed up the game.


My niece, Juelia Kinney, was a contestant on the show this season. Even though she was not the one he ultimately chose, she remained true to herself. So many of the contestants lied to Chris or threw themselves at him. Some even interrupted someone else’s alone time with him.


Not Juelia. She is a classy lady and I think the only reason she didn’t make it further in the show is because she has a beautiful baby. I say that because she is the only contestant who he escorted out to the car and told her how beautiful and wonderful she is. You could tell he really liked her.


I remember a time, many years ago, when I was doing comedy on the road. I was in the middle of a long road trip. I did a show in Corvallis, Oregon and the room they gave me for the night was horrible. I didn’t have another show for a couple of days, so I called my brother to see if I could come up to Portland to stay the night.


That was such a fun night, hanging out with my brother and his kids. The kids and I played until it was their bedtime. Juelia told me that she was going to pray for a huge snow storm so I wouldn’t be able to leave in the morning. I thought it was adorable.


The next morning, we all awoke to a massive snow storm. It wasn’t in the forecast, yet there it was. So I got to spend more precious time with precious children and hang out with my brother for another day, all because of the prayers of a little girl.


Juelia has been through an awful lot, as was chronicled on the show, and she has made some life long friends as the result of it, but I think the more important thing is that she is a very classy young lady and I can still see that little girl who prayed for snow.


Good things are coming your way, Juelia. It’s my turn to pray for you.

See you tomorrow.

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