Hey! My Footballs are Leaking!!

The term Super Bowl should be changed to Super Balls this year.


Unbelievable. The Patriots were caught cheating again. Yes, again. In case anyone forgot, Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 in 2007 for having an assistant spy on the New York Jets’ defensive signals.


Some people say it doesn’t matter because the score was so lopsided anyway. Sorry, I don’t think it matters. Tom Brady has said that he likes playing with deflated balls (insert your own punchline here). They cheated again, also allegedly in the regular season game against the Colts.


How many times did they cheat throughout the season? We’ll never know. If Tom Brady is a Hall of Fame quarterback, why does he have to cheat? Same with Belichick.


I know many will disagree, but I think they should have to forfeit the championship game and the Colts should play in the Super Bowl. Yes, I think the Patriots would have won without the under inflated balls, but that’s not the point. They cheated. Plain and simple.


True champions don’t cheat. Lance Armstrong was stripped of his victories upon learning that he had cheated. So why not the Patriots?


Years ago, during a blizzard, in a game between the Dolphins and the Patriots, in the final seconds, the Patriots brought out a snow plow and cleared the are where the kicker was about to kick the game winning field goal. There was no rule against it, so I tipped my hat to a brilliant move. The rule was changed the following year, but when it happened, no rules were violated.


With the deflated balls, they knew they were cheating. I hope Seattle crushes them and Belichick gets fined a million dollars this time. Maybe also strip them of next year’s draft picks.

In my mind, I think there should be a footnote by the stats of Brady and Belichick and I don’t think Belichick should be allowed in the Hall of Fame. How many times have they cheated after getting caught cheating in 2007? How many times before 2007?

It just stinks.

See you tomorrow.

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