Note to self: Never again check to see if an electrical outlet is working by inserting two ends of a paperclip.

burned outlet

Did I really do that? Oh yeah. Not recently,but just the same, I’ve done it. Being a moron is not something I’m proud of, I’ve just learned to live with it. Today’s blog is dedicated to some of the crazy things I’ve done.

When I was ten, I ordered a radio that was supposed to get perfect reception without the use of an antenna! I had to have it! I should have known something was up when it only cost $1.50. Yeah, I know, but I was a just a dumb kid. It actually did get some reception, but didn’t include any stations I wanted to listen to. It occurred to me that it may need to have a little more power, so I snipped off the wires where the battery was attached and connected a couple of wires to it, and stuck the wires into an outlet. Not only did the radio melt, but it also shot me like a rocket across the room. Wow, what a rush! Plus, my hair was curly after that. Ok, it was always curly. I just thought that was funny.


You would think I would have learned my lesson with that experience. Don’t mess around with electricity. Nope. I always liked to freak out my brothers, Jim and Fred. It was just fun watching their reaction to something crazy I did. I wasn’t the only one, either. Jim did some insane things that I’ll write about one day.

One of my friends was over at our house. His mom and my parents were talking in the dining room while my friend, Ken, Jim, Fred and I were in my room. My room was an addition to the house, so it had the kind of light socket with the pull chain attached. I had a bracelet of some kind and to freak them out, I removed the light bulb and draped the chain over the end of my finger and put it up inside the socket. I told them I was going to pull the chain, which I had every intention of doing. I made sure the chain wasn’t touching any part of the socket and went to pull the chain. At that moment, Ken hit my elbow, knocking my hand all the way into the socket and pulled the chain.

socket with chain

Darkness. I was surprised at how small the shock was, but I couldn’t figure out if I had been stricken blind or if every light in the house had blown out. Then I heard my father curse and said he was going to the fuse box. Whew! I wasn’t blind! When the lights came back on, my father asked us if we were doing anything that would have caused the blackout. We were smart enough to lie. After he left, we were all laughing so hard. Then I looked up at the socket. the bracelet was actually welded to the top of the socket. Insane!

jim fred me

With the exception of the electrical outlet, I have had no more encounters with electricity. It always wins. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I smell gas.

See you tomorrow.

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