They Did WHAT???

Women think “Sleepless in Seattle” was a romantic movie. I disagree. Clearly, she was stalking him and therefore the movie should have only been allowed to air on Lifetime.


There were so many things that were just wrong in this movie. She hears this kid giving a compelling and heart wrenching story, gets completely hooked and decides to fly clear across the country to meet his father.


She sees him, doesn’t do anything and flies home. She then decides to fly back again, and this time she writes a letter, which the little boy reads. Of course he likes hers the best and begins to plot their meeting.


In the meantime, she flies back to Seattle and spies on him when he’s on a date. All this time, having an allergy plagued fiancĂ©, Walter. The boy finally arranges a meeting at the top of the Empire State Building, where they finally meet and instantly fall in love. Oh, after she dumped Walter just before heading out to meet her new guy. I’m telling you, that movie is scary. Worse than “Scarface”.


The other Tom Hanks movie that was freaky was “Big”. A 13 year old boy gets his wish to become big after he is embarrassed in front of the girl he likes by being denied access to a carnival ride because he wasn’t tall enough.


Dejected, he finds the fortune telling machine, Zoltar. He sends a quarter down the sooth sayer’s throat (not a good message to kids) and the machine spits out a card, granting his wish.


As he walks away, we see that the machine wasn’t even plugged in. Obviously, the handiwork of Satan himself. Yikes!


The next morning, he wakes to discover he is now Tom Hanks. He scares the bejeebers out of his Mom and best friend, then heads off to the city to find a job. He just needed to be big for as long as it took to find the mysterious machine, which disappeared overnight with the carnival. So, while his best friend begins the search for Zoltar, He gets a job at a toy company.


While working at the office, his naivetĂ© gets him promoted to a Vice President job, where he plays with toys all day and irritates the crap out of a colleague. This is where the really weird stuff happens. He inadvertently steals the girlfriend of the guy he’s driving crazy.


She’s about 30, and he’s 13. Very important fact. We’ve all heard of people going to jail for messing around with an underage person, even though they thought the person was of age.


But in Big, nothing happens to her. You would think that, after the same machine made him small again, and he told his mother about his escapades, she might have had the law jumping all over the woman. Nope. That’s just wrong.


See what I mean? There are sinister plot lines in so many popular movies. Don’t even get me started on “Freaky Friday”.

See you tomorrow.

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