The Bachelor!! He picked WHO??

This season, the producers of “The Bachelor” decided to increase the number of contestants to 30, up from 25. One man surrounded by 30 women, all vying for his time. In Utah, we just call that family.


I must confess, prior to this season, I’ve never even watched an episode of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”. Neither show holds any interest for me, until now. Why? Because my adorable niece, Juelia Kinney is a contestant! I know! How cool is that?


Juelia has a twin brother, Joseph. Each of them could be models, if they wanted. But they don’t. In fact, it seemed really out of character for Juelia to apply for the TV show. Turns out that some of her friends talked her into it.


She has other siblings who are all incredible people. Good looking, extremely intelligent and very interesting. Ben, Casey and Brittney. I love them all. Juelia and I have a special connection. Always have with all of the kids in that family.


Juelia is a single Mom. She’s also a widow. She has been through a lot. She’s raising a beautiful daughter, named Ireland. But Juelia is a tough young lady and, with the help and support of friends and family, she has raised above the horrible situation and is doing better than most would have anticipated.


I’m sure much of that was due to the fact that that she was enveloped by her incredible immediate family. Her Dad, Jim, her Mom, Patrice and step Mom, Joanne. She also, no doubt got a lot of support from her husband’s family as well.


I hope the experience was a good one for her. Obviously, the show has already been taped, so we’re watching the show after the fact, just like “Survivor”. “Big Brother” is the only reality show that I’m aware of that is shown live.


It doesn’t matter if she wins. What matters is if her life was enriched through the process and perhaps the TV exposure will lead to other interesting adventures.


In any case, Juelia, I know I speak for the entire family when I say congratulations for getting on the show and we couldn’t be more proud of who you have become, even without the show.


We all love you!

See you tomorrow.

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