Crazy Charlie and the Biker!!

An obviously drunk man was staring at the parking meter in front of him, so I asked him if I could help him. “No thanks”, he mumbled, “According to this scale, I’ve lost 12 pounds!”

So yesterday, I wrote about one incident involving a drunk person whom I didn’t know. Today, I’ll write about the time that a drunk friend of mine nearly got me killed.


Charlie grew up in Big Bear, California, a very small town in the mountains in Southern California. Like so many small towns everywhere, the teenagers grow restless because there’s just nothing to do.


Charlie’s parents still lived up on the mountain and since Charlie and his wife, Kimberly were my wife’s and my best friends, we would go up there on occasion. We mostly went because it was so beautiful up there. I even skied there the one and only time. A subject for another blog.


One time when we were all there, Charlie suggested we go to Chad’s Place, a local watering hole where you could eat, drink, dance and play pool. It was a pretty cool looking place, with an old fashioned decor. It was full of smoke, as you might imagine such a place to be.


It was also full of some hard core bikers, which made me nervous. Now I’ve done shows at some pretty tough biker bars, so I wasn’t concerned about me, my wife, Sandy or Kimberly causing any trouble, but Charlie could be a loose cannon.


Charlie spent time in prison for a stupid crime he committed. No one was hurt, I’ll just say it was stupid and let it go. He could be pretty tough and was not afraid of anyone. As the night progressed, we were having a blast. And then it happened.


Charlie noticed a biker checking out Sandy from across the dance floor on the other side of the bar. He didn’t like that. Charlie was drunk and I told him not to worry about it and maybe we should just leave. It was like he didn’t even hear me. He and the biker’s eyes were locked and the tension in the place was getting very thick.


The biker then yelled, “What are you looking at?”, and it was on. They both rushed toward each other, ready to fight. As the fight began, the owner told them to take it outside, which they did.


In the parking lot, Charlie ripped his shirt off and prepared to fight hard. This was not his first fight with a tough guy. I knew if he got caught, it was likely that he would return to prison and since he thought he was protecting my wife, I knew I had to do something.

The biker started to approach Charlie. Surrounded by a crowd, I jumped into the circle, ran up to the biker and pushed him hard with both hands on his chest. He stumbled backward and said, “either you are the dumbest guy I’ve ever seen or you’re just plain crazy.


I said nothing. I was still in shock over what I had just done. I had no play, plan to escape and certainly no way to defeat this biker. I was going to get the beating of a lifetime, at the very least. I was William H Macy taking on Ray Liotta in “Wild Hogs”.


Just then, someone came out of the bar and yelled, “The man’s coming!”, meaning the police. The biker told me that I was very lucky, something which I obviously already knew. With all of the cars and bikes scrambling to get out of the parking lot, someone hit one of my car doors.


Charlie was really mad at me for taking over his fight, but he calmed down after I told him that I just didn’t want him to go to jail. So, we all got home safely, we never went to Chad’s Place again and I got my car fixed. Kimberly, Charlie, Sandy and I have all since divorced and lost track of all of them except Sandy. I’m betting, though, that Charlie has spent more time in jail.

I still can’t believe I was crazy enough to push the biker. That was insane.

See you tomorrow.

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