Did That Really Happen???

Yesterday, I pretended that it was Sunday, the Dolphins won and I didn’t have to work this week. It was fun. Wait… That’s all true. Now I have to start all over again.


Pretending is an artform lost at adolescence, I’ve been told. I don’t believe it. How about the adult who feels such a tie to a sports team, they pretend they are somehow legally connected to the team? You can tell, because they’ll use terms, such as “We” or “My” in reference to the team. “Wow, that was a tough [game, match, etc.], but we won!


It’s not just sports, either. Soap Operas would never have become so popular, had it not been for playing pretend.” My Stories” is a reference we’ve all heard. They’re losing popularity now, due to the onslaught of reality shows, which are not really reality, it’s pretend. Let’s all head out to a secluded island, get rained on, physically tortured and socially bullied for 39 days and see if someone gives us a million dollars.


There are books and films in which we get lost, even vacations. We daydream about sitting at an outdoor cobblestone cafe in Paris or Tuscany. Climbing Mt. Everest, skydiving – it seems as though we all pretend something. Thank God.


Imagine a world without imagination. How mundane would that be? I remember an episode of “Wonder Years”, when Kevin and his Dad were camping. The father talked of the log cabin he would build as a retirement home. He had talked about it many times, always with a smile. This time, however, Kevin reminded his Dad that he would never build that cabin; that it was merely a pipe dream never to be fulfilled. Kevin’s Dad’s smile disappeared, never to return.

Let’s be careful with what others pretend. If it’s not harmful, let it be. Dashing hopes and dreams is dangerous and mean.

As for me? I want be King of Lithium. I’ll never run out of medicine or batteries.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry


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