Back Up! Back Up!

I think the computer in my car runs on Windows because the car keeps crashing.


Yesterday, I got my Dell laptop ready to sell to a friend. It is in “like new” condition, so all I had to do was back up my stuff and restore it to factory settings and it would be good to go. Six hours later, I was finished.


Why so long? Because I’m too cheap to pay for extra space for any cloud service, so I had to find several that offered the greatest amount of space for free. Now I just have to remember which ones I used.


It’s hard to trust that my pictures, music and documents are really on some cloud servers out there, but I just have to trust. If I would have had DVDs, I would have used them, but I discovered that I had no more. I can’t just run to the store and get some anymore and since I don’t own an external hard drive, I had no choice.


I also bought some ink cartridges for my printer yesterday. I’ve been out for a very long time and always forgot to replace them. I learned not to buy the refilled cartridges. All I could print out were ink blots, and judging by what my interpretations were, I realize that I need serious mental help.


My last computer died a horrible death. I Googled “Google” and the crazy thing exploded! I know! I had no idea that it was such a precarious mental condition. Maybe it’s memory was malfunctioning and just couldn’t process that crazy request for information.


I wonder what would happen if I Googled Sony Pictures? I would probably be arrested within minutes. The irony would be that I would have to be interviewed.

See you tomorrow.

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