The Interview – No One Got the Job!!

The North Korean hack scandal has Sony and the rest of the entertainment world reeling. I think we should send Dennis Rodman over to smooth things out.


Are you kidding me? The movie, “The Interview” has been postponed indefinitely because of the actions of another country? It seems to me that releasing the film now would guarantee a gigantic hit and make them far more than the estimated $100m they’ll lose as a result of the attack.


Ok, first hire a team, maybe the guys from “The Big Bang Theory” to figure out how the hack was accomplished, then beef up their cyber security to the point where it can never happen again. This would be an ongoing effort, naturally, but well worth it if they
want to make movies without seeking the approval of a ruthless dictator.


So now what? Can we make movies about terrorism? Russia? Or will we buckle under the threat of more cyber hacks? The day we start letting other countries tell us which movies can or cannot be released, is the day we allow communism dictate our way of life.


Today, it’s this movie. Tomorrow it might be books or commentaries. Push on, I say. We must not let that little punk push us around. Yes, I realize this creates a foreign policy issue, but why don’t we covertly hack them? Maybe hit their financial system?


Something must be done. Send Rodman over to challenge Un to a one on one basketball game and then instead of the ball, slam dunk the little jerk? Maybe it would break his neck and then finally Rodman would have done something worth while over there.


Obviously, my ideas are ridiculous and if Un gets wind of this blog he might hack me. Bring it, you little troll. And Sony leaders, grow a spine.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry


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