You Have Poor Taste, Bud!!

Recently, I have lost most of the ability to taste. I’m not sure what the problem is yet, but at least now I can eat my Mother-in-law’s cooking.


I noticed the problem a couple of weeks ago and I’ve noticed more of a decline since it started. I have a doctor appointment scheduled to try to understand why. It’s really not that big of a deal until you have your favorite meal. Suddenly, it’s just not so good anymore. Weird.


I wish I could turn my taste buds on and off, so when I was forced to eat disgusting banquet meals while performing at corporate parties or church socials, I would no longer need to pretend everything was delicious!


In 2010, during a study, researchers found taste buds in the lungs. I know! How crazy is that? How are the lungs supposed to taste anything? The last time a piece of food started to go down my windpipe, I nearly choked to death. Maybe that’s God’s way of at least providing you with one last bit of joy before you choke to death. Your last thought, as the food hits the taste buds in your lungs might be, “Not too bad!”


There are also taste buds in other areas, too. The soft pallet, the esophagus and others, so why, suddenly, do most of mine not want to play? Perhaps they’ve unionized and gone on strike, due to poor tasting conditions. I have switched to a Paleo Diet within the last year or so, so maybe…


Still, I’ve received no demands from the TB Camp, so either that notion is about as insane as it gets, or we’re at an impassioned work stoppage with no end in sight. I’ll keep you posted.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry

4 thoughts on “You Have Poor Taste, Bud!!

  1. What a bummer!! I’d like to volunteer to eat the foods you would like most & will enjoy them for you!! Can’t pass up a deal like this!


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