Cookie Bytes??

The Girl Scouts announced that they will now sell cookies on line. This is going to be very confusing. Will you have to set your browser to accept cookies?


I’m not sure this is a practical business move. I don’t know if sales have been on the decline, but saying no to a little girl at the front door has always been tough. Plus, they were easy to order because you didn’t have to pay until they arrived.


If the girl and parent showed up and had the cookies with them, it was still hard to say no. For one thing, the cookies are delicious and also, how do you say no without feeling like a jerk?


I’m not sure how they’ll be able to guilt you into buying cookies on line. Maybe have one girl scout on the website with the “I’m so cute, how could you decide not to buy the cookies?” Maybe that will work. I guess we’ll find out.


On the other hand, there are always people who want to buy a lot more cookies, but don’t want to appear to be a glutton. They can do that on the web next year. Maybe those sales will make up for what’s lost going door to door. Can you imagine? Ding Dong! Voila, 18 boxes of Thin Mints right there.


It’s the perfect scenario for the cookie fanatic. All the cookies you can eat and the only ones who will know are you, the Girl Scouts and the NSA.


See you tomorrow.

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