Frozen Buffalo Wings!!

Ferguson is on fire again. Meanwhile, everyone in Buffalo is asking the people of Ferguson, “Can you come here and riot instead? You can torch anything you want, just heat this place up!”


The time for looting is perfect. It kicks off the holiday shopping season in Ferguson. Black Friday will mean something entirely different there this year. The stores themselves will be black from burning to the ground.


I try to understand the feelings of the people who go through what they consider harassment, and I’m sure it exists to some degree, but how about a peaceful demonstration? The kind that Dr. Martin Luther King would have suggested.


Looting and rioting has never been effective. In fact, I think it only serves to increase the racial divide even more. It’s pointless. During the Rodney King riots in the ’90s, all that really happened was that businesses in the ghetto were burned and looted. How does that help the community?


It doesn’t. I try to understand the anger and the feeling of oppression people might feel, but is rioting the answer? Really? What good did it do in Southern California in the early ’90s? Nothing.


Right now, the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world could be calling for peace. Are they? I haven’t read about it, if they are. The police chief just stepped down. What more do the people want? I just don’t know. I wish I had an answer, but the truth is, nothing good can be done until the rioting stops.


The whole thing is tragic, but please stop the madness. Legislate. Call on legislators to bring about change. Hound them. Conduct protests until changes are made. That has been proven to be effective in many cases.


I sincerely hope that I see more changes in my lifetime.

See you tomorrow.

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