Canada, the Deceiver!

I used to travel to Canada a great deal. Each time I entered the country, the customs agent would always ask me what the purpose of my visit was. I always said, I’m making a sales call. It always worked until I got the same agent three times. The guy said, “You make a lot of sales calls here!” I said, “I’m not very good.” The guy had no sense of humor. I was interrogated for 45 minutes.


Canada is a beautiful country. From West to East. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. There are some weaknesses, though. You don’t see Canadian blockbuster movies, although many American films use various beautiful Canadian locations to shoot films and TV shows.


The early X-Files episodes were shot in Canada. Toronto has been used many times to be New York City. In one instance, the production company spent the day trashing the part of the city they were going to use the next day. When they arrived, however, the place was immaculate! Someone forgot to alert the sanitation department about the shoot.


So, what do we know that makes Canada famous? Maple syrup and, Royal Canadian Mountain Police and now, oil. Really? Oil? Yes, they have lots of it. So much so that they wanted to export to other countries, via pipeline to the US Gulf for refining and export a portion outside the United States.


Unfortunately, the project was killed by Congress at the urging of President Obama, who claimed that nearly all of the oil would be exported to other countries. Opposition strongly disagreed. Nevertheless, it didn’t make it through Congress, so for now it is a dead issue. If we end up with a Republican President, I suspect it will pass next time around.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m suddenly craving pancakes and Canadian syrup.


See you tomorrow.

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