And the Results are in!!

On this date in 1901, George Horatio Gallup, American journalist and statistician was born. At least that’s what they say. What do you think?


Polls, surveys and award shows; people keep saying they don’t like them, but a recent poll seems to indicate there are more and more people actually watching award shows and taking online surveys, so there will be more forthcoming. In fact, The Hollywood Film Awards celebrated their 18th year by televising the show for the first time.


On the bright side, the awards shows all seem to come up with some pretty funny and very awkward moments, like when Jennifer Lopez announced the winner for best animated movie was “Drain” Your Dragon. That was hilarious.


A portion of showbiz awards shows: (are they really needed?) The Golden Globe Awards, the Academy Awards,  People Magazine Awards, the American Music Awards and scores more. The viewer total for the last Emmy Awards rose 33 percent compared to a year earlier. The Tony Awards rose 20 percent. The Academy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards all increased their audience in the last year. The Grammy Awards slumped, but that was to be expected, following an extraordinarily highly rated 2012 show that featured tributes to Whitney Houston.


There are so many that people are really starting to make fun at how many there are. I swear, and very soon, I think, there will be so many awards shows, covering so many categories of talent in showbiz, that we will have to start recognizing the best awards shows with awards.


Networks love these shows for a number of reasons, one of which is to get people to watch a live show, so they can get hard numbers with which to create ad revenue schedules for the following year. DVRs have really muddied up the advertising business where even prior to this era, results were very often ambiguous, at best.


Armed with “hard” data, a justifiable marketing presentation is much easier to achieve. So, you know what that means… more live broadcasts, which means more reality and award shows, but also some pretty exciting live series finales as well.


“How to Commit the Perfect Murder” will televise their first season finale next week, live. I’ll be watching.


Let’s have some fun and take a poll on that idea. Yes or no? Suggestions are also encouraged.


I’ll end today’s blog with a ridiculous list of polls and surveys. According to ,

1 in 10 people think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

1 in 4 Americans think God helps decide the outcome of football games.

51% of people think stormy weather “affects” Cloud Computing.

Average Americans think they’re smarter than the Average American.

More Americans oppose “Obamacare” than “Affordable Care Act,” but they are the same.

Now it’s your turn! Please leave your comments. More televised awards shows, yes or no?

See you tomorrow.

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