How to Lose “Friends”!!

“Here are some people I’d like to introduce to you. I think you would make great friends. You never have to see them, help or deal with them in any way, but they will be your friend.”



Imagine if we were bold enough to treat real life like we do on Facebook. It really is a social media role playing game. Many people like to have as many friends as possible, so they appear to be popular. Obviously, it’s much easier to set that up in Facebook than in real life, because we can put on any mask we want, at any given time.


I’m not sure I would walk up to an acquaintance and say, “I unfriend you!”. That would be awkward. And what if the reaction was the same in a real life environment? “I unfriend you, therefore you can hear what I say, but you may not respond!


Or what if you block the person? “I block you! I will now vanish before your very eyes and you will not be able to hear or see me until I choose to unblock you!”


I love people, so it drives me nuts when someone doesn’t like me. I know that some people will not and I know that is normal and ok, but it still drives me nuts. Eventually I come to my senses and realize that I don’t really need or want that person in my life.


I’m certain of one thing; Christmas will be on December 25th this year. Okay, two things; Christmas will be on December 25th this year and fair weather friends will come and go. Real friends will always be there, role playing or not.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry

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