Oh, My Aching Back!

Jerry Mabbott's Blog

Congressman: “Well, its good to see Senator Akin back. Akin back, that’s a joke, son, a joke!”

There is a 101-year-old man running for Congress as an ‘anthropological progressive’. He says, “My hope is that we make people reflect on what you want from your society.” Really? We can make a difference?


Joe Newman is running to represent Florida’s 16th Congressional District. His aim is to eliminate poverty. Something tells me that a 101 year old person wouldn’t be afraid to stand up against the blowhards running the joint now. Lobbyists would represent adult diapers, Polident and Virginia. Political bullies couldn’t threaten his political career. Its the perfect solution.


I think every politician elected to serve our interests should be at least 70 years old. Mere youngsters to Mr. Newman, but I think there would be far less corruption, fraud, waste and abuse. I think our representatives would get far…

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