Extra Cheese???

Domino’s now has an app where you can just speak your order into your phone. They’re the first large pizza chain who can now screw up your order three ways.


We normally order pizza every Friday night from Pizza Hut. Their smartphone app is much better than it used to be, but you still have to watch out for the tricky side winders. When you access your account, you can choose from the specials or create your own pizza.

The next time you log in, you can either start over or just click on a button to repeat your last order. I thought it was very convenient, so I clicked on it, paid for it with the credit card kept on file and waited for our large, pan crust pepperoni and mushroom pie to arrive.


Imagine my surprise when I went to sign the receipt, discovering that I was paying full price for the “special, which was still running, mind you. I had been tricked, snookered, bamboozled! You got me once, Pizza Hut, but never again. If I didn’t like the pizza and there were other places that would deliver to us, I would drop them like a pass to a New York Jet receiver.

But, aware of their trickery, I no longer fall prey to their diabolical scheme. I wonder how much extra money they’ve made from tricking customers that way? I hate companies that trick their customers for a few extra bucks.


Example: We have Dish Network as our television program provider. Last night, my favorite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins were playing a big game which was being televised on the NFL Network, which is not part of our package.

I called Dish to add the programming for 30 days, which ends up costing me about $16, far less than we would have spent going to eat somewhere that was showing the game. Plus, I’ll get to watch a couple more Thursday night games and have access to some other channels we didn’t have before.


In looking at our bill, however, I noticed that they had increased my bill by $5 per month, without notice, months ago. I didn’t catch it until last night. I asked the “customer no service” rep why I was getting charged the extra 5 bucks. He said it was in my contract. Not true.

In fact, there were a couple of special offers to choose from when we signed up. One was for 120 channels for $49 per month for 24 months and also get a free Ipad. Or, we could choose $29 per month for the first twelve months and then $49 per month for the next 12 months. We chose to pay $49 for the 24 months and get the IPad.

They screwed up the order – a written document clearly showing which plan we had selected. They wouldn’t budge because we didn’t call within the first ten days, which was ridiculous, because we would have had no idea anything was incorrect during that time period.


So, once again, I will have to go to war with Dish Network because of their trickery to zap $5 per month from an unsuspecting customer. I wonder how much money they make each month by slightly increasing the bill to unsuspecting consumers?

Where has the art of customer service gone? When will it return? In the meantime, the few companies with great customer service will thrive. In-N-Out Burger is one, The Ritz Carlton is another. They ensure a great customer experience.

The other problem with calling any of these television providers, is being on hold for seemingly hours. I guess I’ll have to order a pizza while I’m on hold.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry


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