I’m Getting Better??

People have been asking me if I’ve recovered from the illness, which includes short term memory loss. I start to talk and then say, (seriously, “What was the question?”


The answer is no. From what I’m told by my doctors, there is no getting better. I can, however, manage it better. The best methodology seems to be “exposure therapy” (Thank goodness I haven’t been caught yet). This is where you expose yourself to elements which previously caused a seizure.


Example: last month, I headlined two shows at Wiseguys Comedy Cafe. It took me three years to be able to do that. Heather was very patient, which is extremely important to the process. We had to drive past the club until I could do so without having a seizure.


Next, to just enter the club’s lobby. Then came the green room, the showroom and finally, the stage. Each of these steps took months to accomplish. I started over in comedy. I was terrified. Fortunately, I still had all of the fundamentals of comedy in my brain. I started with three minutes, then five, seven, ten, fifteen and then made the jump to 45 minutes.


I had tried it out once before at one of my favorite places to perform; Johnny Mac’s Good Time Tavern, in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It went well and gave me the courage to headline at the club.


I was finally the emcee at the club a couple of weeks ago, and did well. Hosting a show brings it’s own unique stressful tasks, but I did it.

So, that’s just the club. I’m still in the same process with grocery stores, malls, restaurants, pretty much anywhere that is crowded and noisy.

I’m pretty well medicated during all of this, to reduce the risk. While I don’t think I’ll be able to tackle a job again, which saddens me greatly, at least there are some things I can do while I continue to work on others.

So, I feel fortunate to be alive, to be able to see our kids and grandkids, hang out with friends and family, and our little pups. I’ll keep working on the other stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow! Jerry

2 thoughts on “I’m Getting Better??

  1. I’m so PROUD of you Jerry!! With just my stuff, I can relate to how hard all of this is to handle. You are AWESOME to have progressed this far. WOW, just WOW!! May God continue to bless you as you work thru all this.


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